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MindManager is the best mapping outliner I've used on any platform, but it's not without its drawbacks. It's expensive at a few hundred US$ (it is available for both Windows and Mac). Its interface, full-features and ability to format and export justify the cost to me versus lesser mappers. The Pro version retails for about US$ 350, the regular version for about US $230.

For many people, the Pro version is overkill. However, the Pro version does add synchronization with Outlook.

It has awesome features for converting a map into a structured Word/RTF/HTML/PowerPoint file, I find it a great way to take notes for meetings and then later blow them into a set of minutes in a document for distribution.

I also use it for grouping actions and context, but I find the mindmap format less effective overall for trying to manage actions. The ResultManager add-in is designed for managing actions with Getting Things Done methodology.

In the end, it's a lot of cash, but I use it every day, it's replace OneNote as my favorite note capturing tool and it's one of those tools I find myself coming up with more ways to use as I go along.

MindJet LLC has released a Standalone Viewer (also for Windows and Mac) to share MindMaps with others who do not have either the regular or Pro version: Download Viewer Here jkOnTheRun has a good Post about the viewer.

[edit] ResultManager

Gyronix ResultManager is a Getting Things Done add-in for MindManager. Expensive, but very powerful. Will generate dashboards by project, by context, etc. Pro version will synchronize with Outlook.

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