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This page discusses how to tweak lotus notes for GTD.


[edit] DIY

DavidCo has publisehd Gtd For Lotus Notes, which describes how to do this.

[edit] How To Set Lotus Notes Views Up, One For Each Context

Somone must know how to do this. How do you create a view in LotusNotes on tasks, one for each context: @work, @errand, @waiting, Projects, etc?

A. You would need to create a custom view in Lotus Notes, with a select formula that uses the field that uses the field that holds the action context as the criteria.

Can someone create a view that merges tasks with @waiting with emails flagged for follow up?

A. Probably Not. DavidCo did not describe how to do this in DavidCo Gtd For Lotus Notes

[edit] How To Reassign a Task

If you assigned a task to yourself, so it is not a group task, and you want to assign the task to someone else now,...

If it can be one, someone will show us how here...

[edit] How To Delete a Recurring Task

[edit] How to Change Categories on Multiple Tasks

If you created a few tasks and forgot to put a context on them, how do you select multiple tasks and change the categories?

[edit] Delegating Tasks

Either send a todo, with a category @waiting, to someone. Or send a mail to them and copy into a new todo with an @waiting.

When a delegatee reports a task complete via notes, you get a notice in your inbox. To jump to the associated task in your context view so you can mark the task complete, you...

[edit] External References

Contemperaneously with the draft of this page, David Allen has published a book on using Lotus Notes for GTD.

[edit] Notes Add Ins for GTD

Brett Philp has created a Lotus Notes database template to implement the GTD methodology. You can get details here:


Eric Mack (David Allen's personal technologist) created the eProductivity Template for Lotus Notes which implements the best practices of GTD within Lotus Notes. It's been around since 2002. You'll have to check, but it may only available to their clients. A public launch is slated for 2007. Eric's blog is http://www.ericmackonline.com. More information on the eProductivity Template for Lotus Notes may be found here: http://www.eproductivity.com.

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