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Ilium Software ListPro
Platform: Windows, Windows Mobile, PalmOS
License: Shareware
Cost: $19.95 for a single device, $29.95 for PDA and desktop
Download Size: varies


[edit] Description

Ilium Software ListPro is a flexible list-manager program for Microsoft Windows, Palm-powered handhelds, and Windows Mobile PDAs (PocketPC and Smartphone.)

ListPro can be used for to-do lists, project lists, grocery shopping lists, lists of collectibles, contact lists, web bookmark lists, and pretty much any other list. ListPro lets users create lists with many different column layouts containing text, yes/no checkboxes, numeric data, file or web links, category drop-down menus, and date/time values. ListPro also supports indented hierarchy in lists, filtering on any column type, item highlighting, completion alerts, sorting on any column, and more.

ListPro can be synchronized with Windows Mobile Pocket PCs and Smartphones, along with Palm-powered handhelds.

In addition to users being able to create their own lists, ListPro’s developer Ilium Software has a collection of user-submitted templates and lists containing reference information, called the List Exchange.

[edit] Testimonials

[edit] A Review by Clinton Fitch

If there ever was an all-in-one application, Ilium Software’s ListPro may be it. Read the full review.

[edit] A Review by Erika Heumann

I have never before found a program that caused me to go out and buy a new PC – until ListPro. If you keep lists of your lists, take a look at this application. Read the full review.

[edit] Hacks

[edit] GTD: Contexts

ListPro’s filtering features can help you implement GTD contexts – create a category column with contexts as the category values, and you simply need to pick the context for the filter parameter and you’ll see all actions for that context.

[edit] GTD: Linking Projects and Next Actions

If you keep your next actions and project actions in one list, you can use a yes/no column called Next Action? to separate what’s part of the planning process and what’s an actual Next Action. When you filter, just filter all "Yes” Next Actions and whatever context you want, and you’ll see just the actual Next Actions.

[edit] GTD: PigPog ListPro

One post on the Ilium Software Blog talks about one way to implement GTD using ListPro. They also provide a GTD template from that post. I downloaded that template but found it a bit hard to use. Instead, I use a list style which is inspired by the PigPog method and the topics from Thinking Rock. Here is my list template:

<Checkbox>   <Yes/No>    <String>   <Category>   <Category>  <Date>
done or not? flag if NA  Item       Context      Topic       Due

I use this same list template for the following lists:

  • Waiting
  • Calendar
  • Next actions
  • Someday/Maybe

By using this same structure for all lists, I can easily move list items beween lists. I use the Topic category to name which "project" a item belongs to. Using ListPro, I then filter out views depending on what I want to see -- e.g. "only show items with context @Work" or "only show items from the topic webpublishing". Context and topic filters can be combined to show all different kinds of views of the list.

I also use the <Yes/No> column to flag items which are my next actions. I can then apply a filter to the view which only shows items which have been flagged as next actions.

The only bad thing about ListPro is that I would like the font sizes to be bigger on the desktop client, and input easier on my PDA. I am getting a keyboard for the PDA however to fix this.

[edit] See Also

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