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Platform: OS X, Windows, Palm
License: Shareware
Cost: $39.95-79.95
Download Size: varies


[edit] Description

Life Balance is a 'smart' aggregator of your to-do lists. You enter your tasks and projects in an outline form, adding meta-data such as context, due date, and required effort, and switch to the To Do List to see which tasks Life Balance has determined are best for you to be doing right now.

Life Balance is available for Windows and Mac OS, both of which can synchronize with a Palm, so you can view or modify your tasks anywhere.

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[edit] Contexts for Places

Rather than using actual places for your Places, enter your GTD contexts. An example setup may have contexts Home, At Computer, On Internet, Personal Calls, Business Calls, Office, and Errands. Because for each Place you can specify other Places that are included, you can attach At Computer, On Internet, and Business Calls under Office, as well as place At Computer, On Internet, and Personal Calls under Home.

This becomes even more powerful when you begin to set hours for each context. Specify that Office is only 'open' during the hours when you are at the office, Home is only 'open' during the hours when you are at home, and Errands is only open in the evenings when you are available to run errands. This way, you can always leave your To Do list set to Anywhere and your tasks will update automagically throughout the day.

And you still have the power of focusing on a specific context like Business Calls if you feel like knocking several out at a time, like The David recommends.

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