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The Levenger Circa notebook is characterized by notched paper and small plastic discs that bind the pages together. The advantage of the Circa system is that pages can be easily re-ordered, removed, and transferred between notebooks. Punches are available to incorporate other documents into a Circa notebook, and a (fairly expensive) presentation binding machine that uses the Circa binding discs is also available.

For the more budget-minded, a similar (and compatible) notebook with poorer-quality paper is manufactured by Rollabind.

The paper that comes with the Circa notebook is fine, but completely blank, with no calendar markings--just lines and some blank organization boxes. However, using the paper that comes with a Circa is not the point.

If you use Outlook or some other calendar/scheduling software, you can print your daily, weekly, and monthly calendars, plus task lists and project lists and put them in the Circa. Daily and weekly calendars can be replaced as needed; weekly ones can be kept in an archive notebook, which comes in handy when you need to recall something.

As you put handwritten notes on these reports, you can combine the strong mnemonic assocations of your own handwriting with the data that is reflected in your Outlook reports. Since you are using your everyday work calendar sofware, you won't ever have to purchase or create any special forms, or software to create the right forms. You won't have to maintain multiple calendars.

The punch that goes with the Circa is useful not only because it makes for easy transferring pages between Circa notebooks, but the page will still take a standard three-hole punch, so you can save it in a standard notebook as well.

The punch that goes with the Circa notebook is essential, but the travel version is much less expensive and works just fine--and is obviously more portable than the office version.

[edit] Multimedia

Photographic examples of user-customized notebooks are illustrated through the Circa Rolla Flickr pool.

Further photographic examples: [1] and [2]

Online video further illustrates the method by which page perforations grasp onto the perimeters of the discs when inserting and removing pages.

[edit] Online Resources

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