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Info Select
Platform: Windows
License: Commercial
Cost: $249.95
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[edit] Description

Info Select is really a text database. Think of it as an infinite stack of "cards" on which you can type (or paste) many different types of information. You can search for any word in any "card" (it's very fast) or drill down through the hierarchical index view on the side. It's the most freeform information program I've ever come across. It's form evolves to fit your brain.

I have found it indispensible for contact information and notes plus all that 'Post-It' kind of stuff. Years later, you can pull it out effortlessly.

-My brief foray- (I sneaked a look on the PC of the guy who wrote the testimonial below). Has an outliner type view on the left

  • Supports many file types
  • supports bookmarks
  • Text is RTF
  • scriptable (I'm not sure how)
  • search
  • mac-style smartlist facility

[edit] Testimonials

Writing a thesis, conference paper or journal article with Info Select

"Info Select is a powerful tool for gathering, organising and writing up research. The method I describe here is based on the index-card method used by the famous nineteenth-century social researchers Beatrice and Sidney Webb." -first line of testimonial.

[edit] Hacks

I have a copy of Info Select running on my hone and work computers. You're supposed to be able to 'sync' the information, but I have found the written help to be opaque at best. If anyone else is suffering in a similar vein, maybe we can hash it out together.

[edit] See Also

WhizFolders seems similar - but perhaps more wikilike.

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