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  • Carry a Small multitool in one of your inner coat pockets. I've needed mine More times than I can count at formal functions, for anything to Fixing Corsages(Those small flower arrangements on a woman's wrist, usualy given by her date. The More you know.) to quickly mocking up Rings for the Bride and Groom(The kid with the rings dissapeared with the rings just before the ceremony, so I went back to my Mate's Ute/Truck(He's a plumber.) and Cut two 5MM wide, 1.5 CM Diameter bits of PVC conduit, Sprayed them gold, and dried them with a Heat-gun from the Ute while standing in the priest's office - Crisis Averted) -Churba
  • Even if You don't smoke, Carry a Small Disposible Lighter, preferably a Small Jet-style Butane Lighter - They are simply more useful than a standard plastic bic lighter, and only cost a dollar or two extra, and plus, most of them can be refilled. Always make sure its full. -Churba

Again: Notebook, cards and/or paper and pen. Possibly a pda, of course, but doesn't hurt to have actual tanblible paper, too.

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