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This is a 'How To' document for using the 43Folders Wiki. Please add answers to commonly (or un-commonly) asked questions as you come across them. If necessary, and to prevent reinventing the wheel, reference where the information can be found elsewhere. If you spent five minutes looking up how to do it, spend one minute sharing the answer and save countless minutes for countless others. Comprehensive help documentation can be found at the WikiMedia Meta-Wiki Help.

[edit] Quick reference

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[edit] A

[edit] Ask Questions

Questions about how to use this site can be asked on the discussion page for this article. For users who haven't changed their skin preferences: Look up, see the tab marked 'discussion'?. Click on 'discussion', then click on the '+' tab. Every article has a discussion (talk) page.

[edit] B

[edit] C

[edit] D

[edit] E

[edit] Edit an article

See Help:Editing for links to places to find help.

[edit] F

[edit] Format text

To see how to bold, italicise, create a hyperlink, add special characters and etcetera:

[edit] G

[edit] H

[edit] I

[edit] J

[edit] K

[edit] L

[edit] M

[edit] N

[edit] understand Namespaces

Namespaces allow a separation of content from policy and discussion. Pages that contain policy and discussion are often placed in namespaces - designated by a word in front of colon in an article's name. This article is in the Meta namespace (reserved for matters about the project, such as guidelines and discussions).

See also

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[edit] Q

[edit] R

[edit] Read the Recent Changes Page

Symbol Purpose
(diff) compares the two versions of the page - pre-edit, and post-edit
(hist) allows you to compare any two edits of the page (not just the most recent)
m this is a minor edit
N this is a new page (diff will not be a link, as there are no differences to see)
! means the edit is 'unpatrolled'. An unpatrolled edit has not been double-checked for accuracy by another person. When you click on (diff) there will be a link to mark the edit as patrolled. (more)
ArticleName clicking on this takes to you to the current version of the article. An article name in bold means you have selected 'Watch This Page'
User clicking on this takes you to the user's page
(Talk) will take you to the user's Talk page, where you can leave them a message
(writing in italics) a user-entered description of the purpose of the edit

See also

[edit] Redirect a page

Replace all text on a page with #REDIRECT pagename

See also

[edit] Rewrite an article

Here is an excellent Wikipedia article on how and why to rewrite or reorganise articles (also known as refactoring):

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[edit] T

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[edit] Z

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