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[edit] Big-Ass Drinking Cup

I'm a big water drinker, and the teeny little drinking glasses they provide in hotel rooms don't cut it for me. So I always bring a big-ass plastic giveaway cup (we have tons of free cups from Giants games). They're easy to pack and you can leave them behind if you're stuck for packing space on the way home. --Merlin 00:44, 9 May 2005 (EDT)

On the Big Cup front, if you're travelling to any all-inclusive resorts, bring a really big mug/cup for refilling with beer, pina coladas, dacquiris, margaritas, etc. We've never noticed it being that bad in Mexico, but Turks&Caicos & Cuba only had tiny little sippy cups that you took no time to empty. KaraM

[edit] Fog-Proofing Bathroom Mirrors

You may have noticed that you have a huge mirror in the hotel bathroom that becomes worthless after you shower because it has fogged up. Before you shower (maybe the night before) soap a portion of the mirror you want to fog-proof. Use the flat side of a bar of the soap they provide. Be liberal. Then take a dry washcloth and buff the soap off. This keeps the mist from condensing on the mirror. And one soaping will last a few days.

I have found shaving creme to work slightly better than soap, that is if you have any with you.

[edit] Instant Humidity/Swamp Cooler

Hotels generally provide too many towels. If you are somewhere that has AC, the room is probably super dry (you wake up in the am, with a really dry nose and mouth). No problem, wet a towel and hang it over the head-board or a chair next to the bed. Alternately, if you are somewhere without AC that is really hot and you have a fan, you can have the fan flow through the damp towel and you get nice cool air. Obviously you don't want to drape the towel over the fan and get water somewhere electrifying!

[edit] Cheaper Long-Term Hotel Stays

If you're a frequent traveler to the same location, you've probably noticed it can be a real pain to constantly check in and check out of the same hotel. Funny thing is that is likely the most expensive thing you can do if you're somewhere for more than one month. If you're not ready to pull the trigger to get your own corporate apartment (the cheapest option), consider making a really-long reservation (1+ months) and staying checked-in over the weekend. Once 30 days in a hotel comes around, you'll often find that hotels will not only charge you a reduced rate, but you also get your hotel tax refunded, which can be 10% of the total bill. The total cost usually ends up being lower than if you're paying for the hotel on weekdays alone.

One extra bonus is that you get to leave your stuff in the hotel, which can dramatically reduce your overall luggage profile on a weekly basis (I actually traveled back and forth between home and work cities with my just my laptop bag each week for about 6 months.)

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