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[edit] Hog Bay Notebook 3.5 OS X

Version 3.5 combines the notebook and outliner metaphors into a single application that's designed to capture your next idea. Hog Bay Notebook stands out for what it doesn't have. It doesn't have great support for styles and printing, and it isn't a multimedia database. Instead it focuses on text. I've tried to keep the interface lightweight fast to use so that you can capture your thoughts without getting distracted from your work. Hog Bay Notebook has several features that I think make's it a good choice for getting things done:

  • Clean interface that's simple enough to keep open without dominating your screen.
  • Outliner style editing, return key to create new items and full keyboard support.
  • Three pane interface allows you to work with many entries in a controlled manner.
  • Advanced organization including inter-entry linking, aliasing of entries, and custom columns.
  • Full text, ranked, and highlighted search results of notebooks entire contents.

Last of all here's a sampling of ways that people use Hog Bay Notebook for GTD:

You can try the app out without filling out any forms or sending in you email address. If you try it please stop by in our user forums and let me know how to make it better for GTD.


Note that this seems to have been replaced with Mori, now at version 1.2. -- Lyle

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