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[edit] Description

The Harvard Planner combines a weekly calendar (left page or top of two pages) with a to do list (right page or bottom). The to do list items are labelled (A, B, C, ...) so that items don't have to be re-written on the calendar page. This also makes it simple to re-schedule unfinished items.

Additional features include: a fold out one-year calendar and month-per-page calendars for advance planning, a thorough list of international holidays, day-of-the-year numbering, a mini-atlas, and tear-off page corners.

Prices range from 20 to 35 CAD (or USD) plus S&H for pocket-size to desk size, in bound, wire-o coil, or looseleaf formats. Available by direct order; no retail.

[edit] Testimonials

I've used the Harvard Planner for about 20 years. It has good non-blotting paper. I like the weekly planning system. The labeled to do list made scheduling (and the inevitable re-scheduling) simple. Other pleasures: I referred to the mini-atlas more often than I would have thought and I got a small kick out of knowing that it was, say, National Day in Tanzania.

[edit] Hacks

The pages have plenty of unlabeled space which can be used to write out your goal for the week or jot down an inspiring idea or quote. The smaller spaces (boxes) can be used for tracking something quantifiable, like your weight, or distance cycled, or spending.

[edit] Links

Harvard Planner

The Professional Development Institute, creators of the Harvard Planner, also offer seminars, books, forms, and posters on strategic planning and time management.

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