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Hallon allows you to create bookmarks across various applications and set deadlines for the bookmarks. I use consistently to mark emails and add a deadline for answering that email. It's also a great way to temporarily store interesting links without the need to commit them to the more "permanent" bookmarks folder.

What sets Hallon apart is its ability to add bookmarks for applications that don't normally allow for them, such as email messages in Mail.app. Hallon creates a menu item in the menu bar, and is hence available in any application.

One caveat: all Hallon bookmarks are stored in RAM, so the wise Hallonographer occasionally exports his bookmarks, or quits and restarts the application, lest your long OS X uptime mean a whole bunch of bookmarks to be lost to a power failure.

Kirk Mc says: It's by the same guy who develops Smultron, one of the best text editors for Mac. Smultron is Swedish for 'wild strawberry' and hallon is 'raspberry'.

Note: However, both Smultron and Hallon require MacOS X 10.3 (Panther) or later; if you are using the ever stable MacOS X 10.2 (Jaguar), you're left out.

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