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Some GTD Use Cases, To Help Evaluate GTD Tools

[edit] GTD Corporate And Home

At work on uses Lotus Notes or OutLook. At home, one has a Mac or PC. Somehow, the next action lists are merged, especially for errand lists.

[edit] GTD for Families

One has GTD working at work. Now, in addition to bringing GTD home for yourself, you would like to share GTD with your spouse. That involves family projects, family member projects, and next actions that are shared or not shared.

Action lists need to be synced to portable formats for each person.

[edit] Synchronization

A system allows synchronization to different portable formats depending on the users' desired hardware:

 *  blackberry
 *  index cards
 *  paper
 *  PocketPc
 *  IPod

A user may use multiple formats - if there blackberry breaks they might use index cards until they replace it. Or if they go skiing.

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