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[edit] Avoid attractive nuisances

  • Turn off email autocheck or set it to a much longer interval, say 30 minutes vs 1 minute (or even a couple of hours, if you can)
  • Quit reloading your site stats
  • Media diet - limit visits to,,, (this wiki,) or whatever's drawing your attention
  • Turn off your instant messenger of choice (another option is to mute its sounds to minimize the distaction)
  • Block out distracting background noise. Play classical music, ambient effects or nature sounds. If those are what's bothering you, invest in ear plugs, or ask politely for the volume down.
    • Try some 'pink noise' to drown out disraction (Mac OS X app: Noise)
  • Deal with Procrastination

[edit] Choose tools and methods that encourage action

  • When in doubt, just do it now
  • Avoid the temptation to file or pile action-related items where you can't see them; keep an associated reminder on your radar
  • Make your work bite-size. Most tasks are.

[edit] Refactor thoughtfully

  • Improve your system, but not at the expense of your work
  • Look for modest improvements that yield outsize benefits
    • Learn keyboard shortcuts
    • Track down and eliminate time sinks
    • Set your computer's clock to announce the time hourly

[edit] Get unstuck

  • Schedule short "dashes" of activity to make progress on things you've been dreading or procrastinating
  • Try blind/automatic writing
  • Take the first step.
  • Check out the Flickr tag for:43folders for ideas (and please, add your own later, when you're unstuck! :) )

[edit] Experiment with Happiness

  • Consult Happiness for a Lifehacks perspective covering the subject from Aristotle to the recent BBC experiment. Then kindly add your recommendations.

[edit] Become creative

  • For starters, check out Creativity.
    • Good behavior then entails thoughtfully adding to that section for the benefit of others.
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