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I really like Kinkless GTD, but I'm not able to move from Windows to the Mac just yet. Here's the approximation I came up with for outliner based GTD on Windows.


[edit] Bonsai

  • I enter projects, sub-projects, and tasks into the outline hierarchically.
  • I use the Category column to capture contexts (without the @).
  • I use the Priority field to indicate whether a task is ready to be worked (i.e. a Next Action).
  • I display the Creation Date so as to prevent myself from letting tasks go stale.
  • I set up filters with names to match the Category/Context column. Filtering on Category = Home will display items with Category = Home AND priority non-null.

[edit] AutoHotkey

(This is a major cool app -- if you're living with Windows.) I define the following hotkeys (for Bonsai only):

  • right-alt + x
 * x is the first letter of the context name
 * sets the context on the item
  • right-ctrl + 0
 * clears the priority field
 * Note: Bonsai has ctrl-1 as a built-in to set priority to 1.

[edit] Outline View


[edit] Filtered View


[edit] Remarks

Not as elegant as OO, by a long shot.

Version 4 has a new built in Next Action Filter.

[edit] See Also

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