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Platform: Mac OS X 10.3 or later
License: freeware
Cost: $0
Download Size: NA
Site: [1]


[edit] Description

The FlowMine's main purpose is to build my own open source GTD system for Mac OS X (home base) with support for my other "not-home" contexts (PalmOS, Firefox/Thunderbird, Eclipse..).

The project is currently in analysis phase, so I haven't any screenshot yet. :-)

[edit] Participating

FlowMine will be free as in beer and free as in speech (GPL).

For any ideas, criticism, artwork you can contact me sboisson at users.sourceforge.net.

I develop this application on my free personnal time, so I hope you will understand that I'll focus on my own requirements in priority.

[edit] Inspiration

With no special order, for features or/and look & feel:

[edit] See Also

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