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[edit] GNOME Evolution

Evolution is a PIM for the GNOME desktop. A port is also available for Windows.

It provides email, calendar and task lists.

[edit] Implementing GTD using Evolution

First some terminology:

  1. Evolution maintains task lists, which is also refers to as Groups. These will correspond to GTD Projects
  2. Evolution Categories correspond to GTD contexts

I have tried GTD the other way around and then you cannot group and display tasks by context :-(.

[edit] Initial setup

After configuring Evolution with you basic email accounts etc.

  • Open the task view (View->Windows->Tasks)
  on the left hand pane a task list is displayed. It contains one task list called 'Personal'
  • Left click on the Personal task and select 'New Task List'
  • Create a new task list for you first GTD Project
  • Create new task lists for each of your projects.
 Note that the position of the tasks lists cannot be moved so you may want to create them in some logical order
  • When creating task lists you can assign them a colour, this can be a way to group projects together (e.g. all projects for a specific client)
  • Select Create New Task
  • In Task entry form
 * Select View->Categories, this should be on
 * If your life spans multiple time zones you may want to also select View->Time Zone
 * Select the Categories button
    * Add, remove and edit categories until it corresponds to your list of GTD Contexts
  • Now you can create new Actions (Tasks) and assign them to the correct Project (Group) and Context (Category)
  • You may want to rename the first task list (called 'Personal') 'In'. Left click on 'Personal' and select 'Properties'

[edit] TIPS:

  • The next action can be identified by giving that task a priority of 1
  • An email can be selected (in the email view) and turned into a task with a right click. It appears in the default Task List
  • Multiple Evolution windows (e.g. one for email, one for tasks and one for calendar) can be opened, select 'File->New Window' and then 'View->Window->...'

[edit] Displaying your task list

With the Task window open

  • Select View->Current View->Define Views...
  • Select New
  • Enter a name for the view and select 'table' and 'OK'
  • Select 'Fields Shown...'
  • Select the fields you wish to display (e.g. Summary, Priority, Categories). NB that Group or Task list is not available :-(.
  • Select 'Group By...'
  • Suggested Group by settings
  * Status Ascending (so the completed tasks drop to the bottom)
  * Categories Ascending (so that you can see contexts)
  • Your tasks should display by context.
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