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Discardia is a floating holiday created and named by Dinah Sanders during the Christmas season of 2002. The Discardian holiday takes place four times a year during the period of time between a solstice or equinox and its following new moon. This means that keeping track of Discardia requires both a solar and lunar calendar and that Discardian holidays last for varying lengths of time, from only a single day to a month (for instance if there is a new moon on the same day as an equinox, but the new moon precedes the equinox on that day, then that particular Discardia lasts until the next new moon occurs — as is true of the current Discardia at the time of this writing).

Discardia is celebrated by discarding things, relationships or attachments that have become cumbersome or needless to the celebrant. It is a time for unburdening oneself and for uncluttering one's life. During the the Discardian period, celebrants buy as little as possible, usually limiting themselves to only those things which are necessary or deeply fulfilling, and on the final day of Discardia they purchase nothing at all.

Discardia is not an officially recognized holiday of any country or religion, but has gained a noticable following in certain online circles including GTD and productivity enthusiasts, industrial and interior designers and an arguably large number of bloggers among others.

[edit] Links

  • The original blog post describing Discardia as posted by Dinah Sanders on December 25, 2002.
  • Seth Golub has written a script for calculating the dates of Discardian holidays.
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