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DEVONthink is a bit of a cupboard. As well as being something to write my notes into, it holds PDF, images, and webpages, displayed in various Mac-like ways.

The best things are the searching and indexing - it features a concordance, which is quite exciting. I tried a zillion of these "outboard brain" tools and finally settled on DEVONThink. They're quite responsive in support too; when I explained that it wouldn't import NEF files from my Nikon, they responded immediately.

  • I decided to purchase DEVONthink based on Steven Johnson's excellent article about it. Basically, he stores all sorts of data at a fairly atomic level, and then uses the advanced search capabilities to help him discover connections. Interesting and exciting stuff. --JW
  • Another good article on DEVONthink comes from the blog A Million Monkeys Typing. Using a quote from Sherlock Holmes who said a man's brain is like an attic that can get filled up with "useless facts elbowing out the useful ones.", the author concludes that DEVONThink "is an infinite and well-organised attic". --dmc

Can someone please describe what value is added by DevonThink compared to e.g. using the file system with Spotlight and e.g. PathFinder?

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