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[edit] Overview

d3 ("d cubed") is a "kinkless" GTD system by Tom Otvos. It uses standard Tiddly Wiki with a number of plugins, one of which is a special GTD plugin. It can be found at http://www.dcubed.ca/. d3's power comes in its ability to collect actions in project lists and automatically generate the corresponding context lists for execution of those actions. While d3 is typically used as a standalone application, it is useful to note that the d3 functionality could be built into any standard Tiddly Wiki by applying the appropriate plugins and creating tiddlers that use them.

[edit] Usage

See the d3 Getting Started tiddler for detailed information on how to use d3. Like other TiddlyWiki-based solutions, d3 uses tagging to connect actions to projects and contexts, all of which are tiddlers. However, d3 tries to do this as automatically as possible, including setting next actions.

The interface provides views of actions by project and by context, as well as important "review" pages to enable you to see your next actions at a glance. Actions can have reminders, and there is built-in archiving of completed actions and projects.

Other usage notes:

  • Tiddlers marked with the tag project contain lists of actions that each have contexts associated with them.
  • Those actions link to tiddlers that describe the action and include any other relevant information needed to complete the action. Actions are tagged with action.
  • Tiddlers tagged with context and include a special command will automatically list every action from every project that is tagged with the name of that tiddler. This command can be placed on other tiddlers too, but the context name must be included in the command explicitly.
  • Any list of actions underlines the "next action" in a project or subproject. Any list of actions places checkboxes next to action that allows them to be marked as "done".

Nearly everything that can be done in "kinkless" GTD can be done in d3.

[edit] Optimizing for Mozilla Browsers

  • Mozilla users: Due to the size of Tiddly Wiki, sometimes Mozilla-based web browsers can time out initially loading the JavaScript. This is especially the case with d3, which has additional plugins applied. This will cause an "Unresponsive script" warning. To prevent these warnings from occurring, try the following.
    • Type about:config into your address bar
    • Search for dom.max_script_run_time
    • Change the value to a larger one

[edit] Feedback

Tom Otvos, the author of d3, would appreciate feedback about d3. Those who have used d3 are invited to answer a survey at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.asp?u=626142022640.

[edit] Other Related Work

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