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Small expandable pens. Extremely easy to carry in your pocket without concern. The main drawback is that the ink cartridges are expensive and don't last extremely long.

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[edit] Usage

The pen is only 3.5 inches (89 mm) long when closed, the same as a standard business card. Even the plastic versions have a good solid feel; no worrying about whether they'll break in your pocket.

The point pops out when the pen is opened, and retracts when the pen is closed. The opening and closing feels nice and solid, but is also a bit stiff. The Ion can be opened one-handed without too much effort, but it's easier and faster to use two hands. (For easy one-handed operation, a push-button retractable pen is nicer.)

The gel ink flows readily, but you have to keep a tiny bit of pressure against the paper to keep the ink flowing smoothly. If you forget and write too lightly, the flow can become unsteady. The ink is bold and clean, and dries fast enough that you can scribble on a card and then stuff it in your pocket without worrying about smudging.

Refills are available in several colors, but only in medium-point. (A fine-point tip would have been nicer for writing tiny notes in your Hipster Mini.) No one knows of any third-party refills that fit this pen.

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