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[edit] Description

Clairfontaine notebooks come in a variety of sizes (A4, A5, pocket, and in between), bindings (wirebound, threadbound, stapled, ringbound), cover styles (conservative or stylish colored patterns), paper styles (grid, plain, lined, music), and page counts (100 to 320).

[edit] Testimonials

The Clairefontaine's have good everyday paper, thicker and less absorbent than the finer paper in many Moleskine notebooks. The heftier threadbound notebooks are useful for those who do extensive notetaking or journalling. With different cover styles, it can be easier to keep track of notebooks for different uses (e.g. work-related versus personal) than Moleskine's all black look. Clairefontaine notebooks are a good middle ground notebook between the $1.49 drug store scribbler or steno pad and the higher end Moleskine and similar notebooks. They have some heft and class to them, but you can feel okay jotting down something as mundane as your grocery list in them as well.

[edit] Links

Clairefontaine catalog links: the more conservative AgeBag or the more colorful Matris style.

[edit] In person

Typically they are sold at the same fine paper and pen shops that sell Moleskine.

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