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[edit] Cross-platform

  • FreeMind An open-source, cross platform mind mapper. Very nice for those of us who are cross-platform junkies.
  • CMAP IHMC CMap - not strictly MindMaps, but ConceptMaps - knowledge-ware tooling.

[edit] For the Macintosh

  • NovaMind is a visually attractive mind-mapping application that also overlaps with screenwriting software: you can write pages in screenwriting format and attach them to nodes in the mindmap. If you restructure the mindmap, the pages (either screenplay format or normal text) follow automatically. Also includes graphics libraries, Branch Proposal System, rapid fire for brainstorming, FlexiBranches, multiple Mind Maps in a single document, built in outliner, multiple hyperlinks on a branch etc.
  • ConceptDraw MINDMAP designed as mind-mapping software, includes template options, editable libraries of graphics, outlinining mode, and wizards to make mind-mapping easy.
  • MyMind is a simple mind-mapper.
  • OmniGraffle is a diagramming tool that is very good for all sorts of visual thinking. If you have a PowerBook or a PowerMac, you probably already have it in your Applications folder.
  • Pyramid & Incubator are very simple and easy-to-use mind-mapping applications, although the layout options are more restrictive than some other programs. Nice features include multiple tabbed pages in a single document and the ability to link to pretty much anything, including other tabs in the same document and anything on your own computer. Visually, maps don't automatically colour branches differently; so unless you take the extra effort, maps can look a bit dull.
  • MindManager 6 Mac Mindjet Corporation recently released its first MindManager version for the Mac (on May 31, 2006). If you are familiar with Apple's Keynote or Pages, using MindManager will require minimal learning. Designed using Apple's Human Interface Guide, the new application features a customizeable Main Tool Bar and a multi-tabbed Inspector Palette for quick and easy formatting.

[edit] For UNIX

  • kdissert, kdissert is a mind-mapping tool for helping the creation of complex documents: dissertations, theses, presentations, and reports. It supports pictures and features several document generators: LaTeX reports, LaTeX slides (based on Prosper and Beamer), Writer and Impress, HTML (web pages), and plain text.

[edit] For Windows

  • MindVisualizer is a productive mind mapping software that allows you to capture, visualize, manage and share idea/information easily. Some of the unique features are Homemap as information center, Free topic positioning, Freehand Image Drawing and text curved along the relation link, and so on.
  • NovaMind Now has a windows version that uses the MS Office style "Ribbon Bar" and has the same core functionality of the Mac version, including the graphics libraries, Branch Proposal System, all the layout features, multiple Mind Maps in a single document etc.
  • 3D Topicscape takes mindmapping and concept mapping into 3D with flying and zooming. Extensive text and XML import and export support, facilitating import from 2D mindmapping tools and export to text for reading. Includes support for round-trip editing.
  • Mind Genius is a mind mapping-tool for Windows. It comes with several useful templates (SWOT analysis, org charts, etc) and exports to Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, & Excel.
  • Mind Jet Mind Jet's Mind Manager is a feature-rich mind mapping program, used by quite a few large corporations, with impressive MS Office and XML import and export capabilities.

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