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[edit] Web-based

  • nCalendar - Simple and free calendar application, has sync options and email reminders
  • HipCal - No syncing that I'm aware of and isn't the fastest thing, but might be right for you.
  • 30 Boxes - The darling of the Web 2.0 set. Lots of flashy AJAX stuff.
  • Airset - Another free or pay for group calendar online service.
  • Oprius Foundations - Free calendar/task/contact application. Still pretty new. Plans for syncing, email reminders, email support later on.

[edit] Desktop Software

  • MS Outlook - The 800 pound gorilla of calendar/email software. Honestly does a lot that most other software just won't seem to do. Might be worth a look.
  • Chandler - Chandler is an open source option for desktop calendaring. It was built to tie into the Cosmo server, built by the same folks.
  • Daylite - Daylite is a Mac only productivity suite that offer extensive calendar and scheduling features such as multi-user shared overlaid calendars, meetings, delegation, light-weight projects and tight email integration with Apple Mail.
  • Sunbird - Built on the same principles of Firefox and Thunderbird, Sunbird is a stand alone calendar that is functionally identical to its cousin Mozilla Calendar.
  • Mozilla Calendar - Functionally identical to Sunbird, except that it is a part of the Mozilla suite of apps.
  • JetTask - Task list software which includes a built in Calendar which has most of the features found in Microsoft Outlook.

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