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A list of some of the folks who helped raise the barn here. Many thanks for their help getting things started.--Merlin 12:10, 20 Mar 2005 (EST)


Tom Jordan

A software engineer that's worked on a number of things. Currently starting a project for running a Pinewood Derby; not much to see right now but it's coming. Working on getting an even flow to GTD across work and home life. Looking for that balance between on-line life and reality; electronic GTD and ubiquitous unplugged GTD systems.

Brendon Connelly

University administrator, blogger, MBA, surfer, skater, sometimes snowboarder and occasional climber (that enough labels for you?). I've previously done a lot of Organizational Development and HR work. I'm always falling off the GTD wagon and climbing back on, bruised and wiser. I muse about management, productivity and work life in general over at Slacker Manager. I'm no programmer, but I'm pretty proud of my recently acquired SQL chops. Oh yeah...I use a PC. Not that there's anything wrong with that, eh? I'm stoked to help out, however I can, with this wiki project. But I think I'm even more stoked to learn more tips and tricks!

Nathan Goldschmidt

A grad student, about to leave the Illinois prairie for the Swiss Alps. I've loon searched for a "good" electronic lab notebook. I'm hopeful that I'll find a good solution, soon.

Adam Greenfield

Writer, information architect and user-experience consultant - I do v-2. I'm interested in lots of things bearing on this project: design to support sound decision-making and allocation of resources, the cultural meaning of work, contextual and ambient informatics, etc. Non-geek, at least not in the technical sense.

Allen Hutchison

By day I manage a test team at a networking startup, in the evenings I think about how to implement a really good GTD application that will make data easily accessible in as many ways as possible. I'm hanging around to get some benefit and possibly some volunteers from the brain trust. I'm also interested in Blosxom, and remote editing standards for weblogs. I really enjoy the Mac-centric aspect of 43 Folders, and I'm happy to see some of the really great suggestions people are making for productivity on that platform. I keep a blog here.

Leslie Harpold

I'm a designer / consultant / writer type with a soon to be revived web site at I have a full service design practice and have a consulting pactice where I help my clients make the most out of their site visitor's time. I write articles both about my professional discipline and absolute fluff whenever I am asked.

Ted Leung

Staff Hacker at, working on data models, query languages, and community for OSAF. Member of the Apache Software Foundation, where I've worked on Xerces-J, XML, and new project incubation. I'm particularly interested in GTD and GTD customizations tailered to info centric hackers. I'm buried under mailing lists, RSS, and too many ideas for projects, blog posts, etc. I also have a life that involves Julie and three kids, so productivity is always on my mind, and I always feel like I could do more. For now, I've been mostly automating tasks on the Mac, and done a little GTD management with OmniOutliner, which I'm not particularly happy with. My blog is at .

Fraser Speirs

By day, half-manger, half-geek on the ScotGrid project. We're building a worldwide computational grid for the particle physics experiments that will be done at the new Large Hadron Collider at CERN. I travel a lot for work, so my PowerBook is my constant companion. By night, I'm a Cocoa developer. I wrote Xjournal, a client for LiveJournal, and the [FlickrExport plugin for iPhoto. I'm slowly working the arc of my career around to becoming a full time Cocoa developer one day.

As for GTD, I was tired of always being the guy who didn't have his chops together and whose email client crawled because of the 1500-message inbox. I'm keen to leverage more of what my Mac can do for me without necessarily writing a new app. That said, the nuclear option is never off the table.

Chao Lam

Product Manager at We're developing a Personal Information Manager, including calendaring and email, incorporating our own take of David Allen's ideas. Delighted to learn and talk shop here!

Buzz Andersen

Mac developer extraordinaire (Cocoa, natch), creator of Cocoalicious and PodWorks. I'm here to assimilate the combined wisdom of Merlin Mann's productivity brain trust, and maybe even help make some of its ideas a reality (as time and ability allow). Weblog at

Todd Dailey

Enterprise Direct Technical Pre-Sales at a particular fruity company. I've been in pre-sales technical/product management my entire career, which is frightening to me. I have been professionally interested in organization and leadership ever since Business School, and I think I've dabbled in every system from ancient versions of Lotus Notes, to Franklin Planners, to old original Palm Pilots, to the Landmark Forum. I was one referred to by Doc Searls in a blog posting as "one guy at the table".

Ben Hammersley

Professional dilettante and the eternal Nemesis of Danny O'Brien. Write stuff, do stuff; a lover, not a fighter. Also, at

Danny O'Brien

Man mildly famous for something that no-one can now recall. I write and bits . Probably most relevant obsession was the Life Hacks research and talk that I gave in Emerging Tech 2004, which preceded by mere seconds a wider fascination with geek self-organization.

Merlin Mann

Hi, I'm Merlin, the nerd from 43 Folders. You can email me at wiki at Sometimes I live on the AIM @ `hotdogsladies`

I'll write some stuff, edit some stuff, admin some stuff, and generally try to stay out of the way whenever possible. I'm an awful fiddler, so I want to resist the constant temptation to mess with other people's stuff. Keep me smart and honest and I'll do the same with you. Rawk.

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