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Bad habits such as Procrastination and Meta-organizing get in the way of being as productive and stress-free as you might like.

[edit] Procrastination

Another bad habit, or maybe its just an inability to filter things, is the constant feeling I have that there is a better way. I know that this may sound silly, but the fact that I am constantly trying new methods of ways to get stuff done actually hinders my productivity. Every time I see a new hack or idea, I am immediately looking for a way I can add it to the way I do things. The time I spend learning a new language, or studying someone else's way of doing things takes away from my doing things.

Sometime I wish that I could just stop and actually pick a method and execute.

Is this just me describing my own form of procrastination?

This last edit was done by ericthejuggler.

[edit] LIFO

The habit of immediately working on items that have been placed on the top of your stack, thereby putting off items added earlier. Sometimes it's because the items appear to be quickly dispatchable, or because they are fun items. Other times it's forced by the fact that you get a lot of new high-priority items at once. Can be partially alleviated by Saying No, but only partially.

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