Arriving Late at the Airport

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I'm half joking but if you arrive at the airport 1/2 hour to 45 minutes before the plane leaves, you often get whisked through the check-in line and security and onto the plane. It's totally irresponsible and risky, but it's worked for me. Once I even got upgraded to Business for a long trip because they had filled up Economy. --Ned Ludd

Be sure you don't try this when flying with many budget airlines. Some specify on-time arrival at both check-in and the gate as a condition of travel. If you arrive late at either, they won't wait for you. This means you have done your dough and have to buy a whole new ticket to fly on another flight. Airlines that have such rules include:

If you travel regularly, especially on day-trips, check out the cost of short-term parking. 18-24 hours parking, whilst more expensive than long-term parking, is much cheaper than a missed flight.

If you are running late, you may find the staff on the Fast Track security line will let you through. Just remember to be very polite, and explain you know you are not entitled to use the route, but you would be really grateful if they let you through. This usually works.

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